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Unlock the practical benefits of our wine cellar components and experience a new level of efficiency in your construction projects.

A row of wine bottles in a custom wine cellar.

Explore our versatile wine cellar components, meticulously crafted for construction professionals. Our solutions are engineered to simplify your workflow, boost project efficiency, and deliver reliable performance.

 We take pride in offering a diverse selection of wine display racking options to cater to any unique preferences and needs.

Meet Growing Demand:

As wine collecting and connoisseurship continue to rise in popularity, clients are seeking personalized spaces to showcase and preserve their prized wine collections. By offering custom cellars, you can cater to this growing demand and become a go-to contractor for wine enthusiasts.

Expand Your Client Base:

Introducing custom cellars to your repertoire allows you to tap into a niche market of discerning clients who value luxury and bespoke design. Offering unique, personalized cellar solutions will set you apart from competitors and attract a new demographic of high-end clientele.

Increase Project Scope and Revenue:

Including custom cellars in your offerings allows you to extend the scope of your projects. From small wine closets to grand, multi-room cellars, there are various options to suit different budgets and preferences. Expanding your services will lead to increased revenue potential and higher-profit margins.

Access to Expert Support: 

Partnering with a reputable custom cellar manufacturer like Masterpiece Cellars grants you access to expert support and resources. From design consultations to assistance in selecting the perfect components for each project, you'll receive guidance that helps streamline your work and ensures successful outcomes.


Classic and versatile, perfect for displaying bottles individually, allowing you to showcase your collection with elegance.

A close up image of a custom wooden wine cellar.
A custom wine cellar featuring wooden wine racking.
A wine custom cellar filled with an abundance of wine bottles.

A stunning display option that creates a diamond-shaped pattern to hold bottles, adding a touch of sophistication to your wine cellar.

diamond rack - Copy.jpg
cradle display - Copy.jpg

A harmonious blend of elegance and functionality, our Cradle racking option gently holds wine bottles at an angle, creating an exquisite visual display that will elevate any wine cellar.


A stunning display option that creates a diamond-shaped pattern to hold bottles, adding a touch of sophistication to your wine cellar.

herringbone abck - Copy.jpg
random box - Copy.jpg
random box

Industrial yet refined, random steel box racking provides a unique way to present wine bottles with a touch of modernity.


Peg Boards effortlessly adapt to any design vision, arrange in various configurations catering to your clients' preferences. 

wine peg box - Copy.jpg
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